Cotton Bondage Rope
Black Cotton Rope


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          Exxrotica Cotton Rope

  • Deep and rich, the black is an excellent base color to which you can add any other color to transform your partner into a stunning rope masterpiece. 

  • GENEROUS SIZING - Exxrotica ropes are plenty long even for your most elaborate games and uses - 32 feet/10m per rope. There is no need to burn the ends or worry about fraying or unraveling.

  • SAFE & ECO-FRIENDLY - Since our product is nontoxic and soft natural pliable cotton, it won't cause irritation, burn or chafe your skin; you can pull these soft cotton ropes without pinch or pain. Easy to clean, no chemical smell.

  • DURABILITY – Our long braided ropes are also super strong and durable - they are 1/3 inch/8mm thick, which gives you a peace of mind that they won't tear.

  • SOFTNESS AND VIBRANT COLORS - these soft cotton ropes are sturdy, but at the same time they offer a super gentle texture and a soft touch.