Black and Red Buffalo Leather Handcuffs - Exxrotica
Red and Black Handcuffs for Bondage BDSM Fun
Bondage Handcuffs made out of Buffalo Leather

Black and Red Buffalo Leather Handcuffs

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Placing these leather handcuffs around the wrists creates a sense of submission in the most feisty of lovers.

Enjoy the pleasures of eroticism in these stunning designer leather handcuffs restraints, enhancing lovemaking with a bedroom bondage twist.

Crafted from soft leather and secure buckles or chains which come with a set to provide reliable restraint, they offer a plethora of scintillating play options.

Wrap your lover' wrists in only the most luxurious of leather, with the Exxrotica handcuffs.


  • Leather Ankle Cuff


  • Genuine Leather     


  • Black and Red