PU Leather or Fleece Under Bed Restraints?

With a few minutes of effort, you can easily and discreetly make your own bedroom into a bondage playground that you'll be able to enjoy anytime, every time with Exxrotica Under Bed Restraints. Our restraints might be the best bdsm sex toy you've ever bought. For couples, putting one of these systems under your mattress is a "coming out" of sorts. You're no longer hiding your kinky selves from yourselves, and have admitted that you like bondage, discipline and submission sex enough to equip your bed for it. You'll  be glad you did it.

Unless you have a dedicated bdsm sex room, the bedroom is where most sexy bondage will happen, and when you outfit your bed with one of these systems, you'll be ready for anything. Imagine the look of surprise and excitement on your partner's face when you show her the straps, and explain what they're for...! Then, sharing the excitement of installing it makes for terrific foreplay and more.

 Bed bondage systems generally consist of four cuffs (two for wrists, two for ankles), and straps which fit underneath your mattress. There's usually a central strap running lengthwise, and two straps branching off each end, forming an "H" shape. The straps can be taken out from the sides or the head and foot of the bed, and they're adjustable for length and tightness, giving you lots of sexy bondage possibilities. Plus, you can hide everything when you're done playing (!); just tuck the straps and cuffs far underneath and completely out of sight, and there's no worries about curious kids, housekeepers, or the babysitter asking difficult questions. 

 There are many similar-looking restraint systems on the market, at different price points, which can be somewhat confusing when it comes time to choose one for yourself. In this guide, we'll describe the two main types of bed bondage systems.

 The Entry-Lever Under Bed Restraints cuffs are made from fleece material, with nylon straps and Velcro closures. They do have stainless steel hardware with hooks for attachment and nylon belt that goes under the mattress. They do a fine job of transforming your mattress into a bondage playground. Imagine that you are tied spread-eagle on the bed, wrist and ankle cuffs clipped to the restraint straps at either side, arms and legs outstretched. Of course, you can have a lot of fun this way - and you will.

Higher Quality Under Bed Restraints uses heavier and bigger stainless steel rings and hooks, which provides much better feel. Nylon straps are wider and trading is much stronger. Handcuffs and ankle cuffs are made out of highest quality PU Leather and fur lining to give a different experience around the skin. In addition our cuffs are double stitched on the edges and sued layer under the strap. Buckles on the cuffs are also top notch quality and you can adjust it to any size you want.

There's a broader range of quality levels available in this style, from entry-level systems to top-of-the-line products, with cuff materials ranging from simple nylon straps to quality PU Leather. Consider though, for that increased cost, the metal rings and clips give you many new options. You can now tie that rope between ankle cuffs or clip them together, and you can connect other straps; there's unlimited possibilities for inspired bondage.

Do not wait and get your Under Bed Restraints NOW.


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